Rav Feng

Gender: Female
Height: 6’0"
Eyes: White
Age: 29
Career: Technician
Specialization: Outlaw Tech


Rav Feng originates from a backwater space colony in the outer rim. The colonists had the unusual custom of purposefully orphaning children shortly after birth. Amazingly, most parents had children willingly, having been told by the shadowy administration that by laying down their lives, their children would potentially become part of a race of galactic saviors. The administration controlled all aspects of life on the station, and any dissent from the remaining doubtful parents was quickly stamped out with “reprogramming.” The orphans were educated and trained in a wide variety of skill groups, disciplines, and fields, and were periodically sent on “missions of galactic importance.” Rav Feng was one of these orphans.

Rav was largely a loner, failing to make close friendships with her peers. Her technician training paired her with one of the colony’s BLX labor droids, BZB-3, who she nicknamed Busby. The two became fast friends, with Busby telling her stories of his adventures before his time at the colony, and her keeping his memory from being wiped.

Eventually Rav decided that it was not her destiny to be a galactic savior, and chose to have children with her husband in the hopes that her child would be something special. However, instead of laying down her life, she asked to leave the station. The administration responded with poison gas, and Rav nearly succumbed before Busby cut down the door and rescued her and her husband.

The three escaped to the hanger, and after a brief fire fight that took the life of her husband, Rav and Busby escaped on a docked transport. Rav now wanders the galaxy with Busby, taking the odd technician job here and there, always looking over their shoulder for any sign of their old life finally catching up to them.

Rav Feng

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