Star Wars: The Darkened Light Trilogy

Episode 5

This Is No Time For a Pleasure Crusie

She was floating out in space, all alone. Rune turned and saw the space station, it was breaking apart at the middle, the place she called home was gone. The young Jedi turned again to see the Orion falling into the atmosphere of Voss. She reached her hand out trying to pull the ship back. It got hotter and hotter… Until she awoke with a start as the heater she was fixing burned her hand. Nabs asked her if she was okay, Rune told her she was. The girl went to the eating lounge where her crew was sitting watching a holo net. It was the Governor of Voss saying that Voss should join the Empire. After that was finished Joro Callah received a call from his old commanding officer to see if he had decided to go on the mission in exchange for information about his brother. It was going to be a suisde mission, not for him but for the people that were going with him. The crew decided to take the job. They spent a while buying some equipment they would need, then they took their ship down to Voss and went to board the cruise ship Corona, where they would be meeting their contact. They to the front of the line to board the ship and a security guard stopped them. Bellamy was able to talk the guard and convince him that they too were security guards. He gave them badges and they went aboard. They got assigned on the main entertainment area. That was where they were supposed to meet their informant. Joro recognized the magician who was preforming as their contact. After the show the group followed him back behind the curtain to talk. They chatted for a few minutes about his show and were about to start talking about the job, when they heard a commotion coming from our in the entertainment area. They looked out to see a group of pirates surrounding all the guests of the ship. What looked to be the pirate captain walked over to the ships captain and whispered something in his ear. That made him stand up and lead the pirate captain off down a corridor. Ire made his way out and started the fight. It was long and hard, but per the usual the team were the victors. After the fight, Rune went over to a computer terminal to find where the Captain had takes the pirate. She found a video of him learn the way to the hyper drive core. They made their way down to the core and found the Captain just standing looking at the wall. Someone reached out and touched him, he fell over dead. They heard the pirate Captain inside the room, Rav went into talk to him. And it became quite obvious quite quickly that this guy was completely crazy. It also turned out he was a force sensitive and had a lightsaber attached to his arm. He went back into the core room and Rune and Bellamy followed, and that was a mistake. The pirate detonated some explosives, and everything went dark. Rune awoke and looked around, the pirate was no where to be seen, but she did see Bellamy. He was slipping down and was about to fall. Rune stretched out with the force and pulled him to safety, now everyone knew her secret. She was a Jedi. They walked back to their ship talking a little about why Rune had not told them about being a force sensitive. They reached the area the ships were held, and looked up, the Orion was gone.


legodragon257 cassie_mae_m

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