Talz Hired Gun Heavy


190 lbs
White hair, black skin
Two sets of dark blue eyes

Mop born in small village on home planet Alzoc III. Very snowy on home planet, very cold, but still nice place, recommend visit. Thick fur keep Mop warm, and eyes help Mop see when snow is bright, and nice family keep Mop happy. Until Mop pushed down into mine, then Mop not so happy. Working hard in very dark and hurt to hit rocks all day. Guards very mean, plus Mop think mining rocks very boring. So Mop steals blaster from guard and shoot him and climb out mine. Mean, Mop knows, but guard was inconsiderate person anyway. Mop rest for little time but angry people come out of mine and Mop think it is good idea to get away on ship. That was while ago. Mop is still getting away, very good at it, also very good at guns which Mop proud for! Mop always need good reason to shoot person, though, such as good paycheck. Mop protect people and they help Mop with getting away. Mop sad about home planet with nice family, hope no one pushed down mine. Someday Mop hope to get so far away that people forget to be angry. Then Mop going home. Too hot here.


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