Joro Calah

Selcath Combat Medic


Age: 36 Height: 5’ 11"
Skin: blue.Hair: None.
Eyes: green and brown.
Notes: Cool armor and cape.
Tattoo of rebel squad insignia.
Scratch on left eye.


Born to a family of Selkath on Manaan, Joro played with his brother Kor, out in the seas all the time, these were the good times. But all of that changed when the Empire attacked. The city that him and his family lived in was attacked and destroyed by orbital depth charges, obliterating their house and killing Joro’s mother. Joro’s dad dragged him and his brother to the surface where they were cut off by aquatic assault stormtroopers, and brought to the grand city of Ahto, where his dad was enslaved along with Joro and his brother. Joro’s dad broke out first and told him and his brother to stay here until they were older, and when it came time he had lots of experience healing his fellow cell mates, and he got pretty good at it. So along with some of his buddy’s they broke out and joined the rebels and that’s when everything went wrong. On his way to meet the rebel squad that Joro’s dad is in for reinforcements. They turned the corner to see a war zone and their dad fighting the advancing imperial forces. They saw as his squad got quickly over run, and Joro watched his dad get killed along with his squad. His brother got knockout right behind him and dragged away by AAS. Soon he was knocked out and dragged away as well, and his squad retreated. They were put in cells and Kor then was taken away, Joro looked around the room and saw a small hole in the wall, and looked through it to see Darth Vader and Kor conversing, Joro was watching as he was taken away to get killed. But his combat training got him out of there just in time. Now Joro Calah searches the galaxy looking for his brother.

Joro Calah

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