Dexen Varik

Gank Big-Game Hunter


Height: 6’2"
Age: 28
Fur: Burgundy


Born on Tatooine, Dexen Varik was born to a Wealthy Family in a colony in the northern Dune sea. Early on in life Dexen was trained to Survive on his own no matter what it took, and he quickly became good at it with the help of his older brother. However, life for Dexen took a quick turn for the worst when his brother was banished from the colony. With great rage his brother returned to get revenge on his parents for being “unjustly” banished. He returned to the colony – using his beast master skills to lure a Krayt Dragon back with him – and killed every single living thing in the colony. Except Dexen. Why was his life spared? Why was his brother banished? What is his brother doing now? There are a lot of questions Dexen doesn’t have the answer to, but what he does knows he will stop at nothing to track down his brother… And every monster that puts lives at risk.

Dexen Varik

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