Star Wars: The Darkened Light Trilogy

Episode 13
Revenge of the Bendu
Episode 12
Beware the Clones
Episode 11
The Phantom Antagonist
Episode 10
The Mustifarian Redemption
Episode 9
Calah's Six
Episode 8
Safari Joe
Episode 7
The Dark Night
Episode 6
Gorog on the Go Go
The crew was walking down the hallway, heading towards the cantina where they had been hanging around sense their ship had been stolen. As they were about to walk in Nabbs stopped them. She told them that sense they had been so down lately she wanted to take them to a circus, that her cousin Dabbs had invited her to attend. The group agreed and they set off to the station where the circus was being held. It took about a day to arrive, when they did, Dabbs met them outside the docking bay. He was a slightly unpleasant man, and didn’t care very much for Nabbs guests. They went up to his office and he gave them passes for the entire station. While up at his office they met Sen, the head security officer. After they finished their business upstairs they went down to watch the circus. It was a very large arena, and it looked very nice. The group took their seats just as a Bothan started to talk. He was saying how in this show were things you had never seen before. As he was saying these things, the floor opened up and a gigantic Gorog started rising up. Everyone expected him to start rampaging, but he didn’t, he stayed still. Rune could sense that the animal was being controlled. The show finished and Rune, Ire, and Syrus, the mandilorian who was friends with Dexen, noticed a man taping intently on a data pad. Rune, along with Syrus went over to talk to him. It didn’t go very well and Syrus shot the data pad. The man stood up and yelled “What have you done!” And then ran off. The Gorog was becoming noticeably more awake. Syrus rushed upstairs to try to take back control of the Gorog, while Dexen shot at him to no avail. Meanwhile upstairs Syrus was making headway getting the Gorog back in control, all he could do though was disable one of his arms. The Gorog went towards the main thro-fair and started climbing up into the main reactor room. The crew hijacked a couple speeder bikes and followed after him. They went up the shaft and found the Pirates that were trying to take over the Gorog, needless to say the Pirates didn’t fair well and our crew were the victors. But they still had the Gorog to deal with. Rune, Ire, and Mop went and got in a mining machine and started to fight the beast. While that was happening Syrus tried, and succeeded, to put up the shields surrounding the main reactor just before the Gorog could destroy it. In the end the Rune, Ire and Mop defeated the Gorog and the space station was saved. Dabbs thanked them immensely and told them to come back whenever they liked.
Episode 5
This Is No Time For a Pleasure Crusie
She was floating out in space, all alone. Rune turned and saw the space station, it was breaking apart at the middle, the place she called home was gone. The young Jedi turned again to see the Orion falling into the atmosphere of Voss. She reached her hand out trying to pull the ship back. It got hotter and hotter… Until she awoke with a start as the heater she was fixing burned her hand. Nabs asked her if she was okay, Rune told her she was. The girl went to the eating lounge where her crew was sitting watching a holo net. It was the Governor of Voss saying that Voss should join the Empire. After that was finished Joro Callah received a call from his old commanding officer to see if he had decided to go on the mission in exchange for information about his brother. It was going to be a suisde mission, not for him but for the people that were going with him. The crew decided to take the job. They spent a while buying some equipment they would need, then they took their ship down to Voss and went to board the cruise ship Corona, where they would be meeting their contact. They to the front of the line to board the ship and a security guard stopped them. Bellamy was able to talk the guard and convince him that they too were security guards. He gave them badges and they went aboard. They got assigned on the main entertainment area. That was where they were supposed to meet their informant. Joro recognized the magician who was preforming as their contact. After the show the group followed him back behind the curtain to talk. They chatted for a few minutes about his show and were about to start talking about the job, when they heard a commotion coming from our in the entertainment area. They looked out to see a group of pirates surrounding all the guests of the ship. What looked to be the pirate captain walked over to the ships captain and whispered something in his ear. That made him stand up and lead the pirate captain off down a corridor. Ire made his way out and started the fight. It was long and hard, but per the usual the team were the victors. After the fight, Rune went over to a computer terminal to find where the Captain had takes the pirate. She found a video of him learn the way to the hyper drive core. They made their way down to the core and found the Captain just standing looking at the wall. Someone reached out and touched him, he fell over dead. They heard the pirate Captain inside the room, Rav went into talk to him. And it became quite obvious quite quickly that this guy was completely crazy. It also turned out he was a force sensitive and had a lightsaber attached to his arm. He went back into the core room and Rune and Bellamy followed, and that was a mistake. The pirate detonated some explosives, and everything went dark. Rune awoke and looked around, the pirate was no where to be seen, but she did see Bellamy. He was slipping down and was about to fall. Rune stretched out with the force and pulled him to safety, now everyone knew her secret. She was a Jedi. They walked back to their ship talking a little about why Rune had not told them about being a force sensitive. They reached the area the ships were held, and looked up, the Orion was gone.
Episode 4
The Jungle Menace

The group started their day stacking supplies on the space station. Every thing was going smoothly, until a group of pirates attacked. After the pirates were taken care of Joro got a call from his old commanding officer asking him to come back to the rebellion to be part of a black ops team, in exchange for information on his brother. After Joro was done talking, Dexon received a job offer. They wanted to hire him and his team to dispose of an animal that was ravaging their town by killing people. Dexen accepted the job, and they left.

It took a week to reach their destination. They met with the mayor of the town and she explained what the animal was doing. As they were leaving her office, to go track the animal down, they met two bounty hunters, Thane and IG-87, who were hunting a force sensitive. The two joined the group, and they set off into the woods. After a while they found a small camp and we’re looking around when they heard something running towards the camp. They all hid behind trees and bushes, and waited. After a short period of time a man ran out of the woods and sat down, rocking back and forth. Rune walked out to speak to him. She realized that he was the force sensitive the two bounty hunters were looking for, she told him that he needed to run. Then all of a sudden a Nexu jumped out and started to attack. While everyone was busy attacking the Nexu, the force sensitive man ran off towards the town and the bounty hunters ran after him, leaving them to kill the animal. They did and then they headed back to town with the animal in tow. It was late in the evening when they arrived. The towns people threw them a party for finally getting rid of the beast that had been causing them such trouble. While the party was going on, Bellamy, Dexen and Rune, noticed a group of dark clothed men watching from an alley way. They approached them and began to talk. The dark hoods leader said that they would never be able to destroy the beast. Of course a fight ensued and the black hooded men were taken out. After the battle the victors were standing around when in the distance they heard a blood curdling scream. They rushed to where the scream had come from. There they found the force sensitive man lying on the ground dead, in the same way the animal had been killing the towns people. Dexen looked around hoping to see which way the animal had went, and caught sight of him running away towards what looked like a mountain. They ran after it and reached the mouth of a cave that the animal had went into. They saw what looked to be a temple inside. They realized that they wouldn’t be able to kill the beast, so they decided to trap him inside the cave. Rav set the charges and blew then, closing the mouth of the cave and trapping the beast inside. They told the mayor what had happened, she paid them for completing their job and they left.

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